The D.O.P. Mark

D.O.P. means Denominazione di Origine Protetta (Protect Origin Denomination) and D.O.P. Collina di Brindisi was recognized by European Community (Reg. EC 2132/1996).




Organoleptic Characteristics

According to the rules of D.O.P. Collina di Brindisi the Extravirgin Olive Oil we produce is squeezed from the following varieties of olives:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Features

Colour From green to yellow
Smell Medium Fruity
Taste Fruity, with a light perception of bitter and biting
Acidity(oleic acid) Max 0,8 gr./100 gr. of oil
Number of Peroxid < = 14 Meq 02/Kg
Panel Test Score > = 6,5
K232 < = 2,40
K270 < = 0,160
Linolenic Acid < = 0,80%
Linoleic Acid < = 11%